Transbiohope | HOSPITAL DEL MAR
Transbio project, oriented to the development of an in vitro diagnostic kit for the treatment of chronic rejection with immunosuppressants. H2020 program of the European Union
"trasplante riñón” “diagnóstico in vitro” “in vitro diagnosis” “trasplante renal” “H2020” “European Commission project” “renal transplant” “kidney transplant” “start-up” “Tres Cantos” “biomedicina” “biomedicine” “biotechnology” “immunobiogram” “inmunobiograma” “tratamiento inmunosupresores” “Treatment with immunosuppressants”
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DESCRIPTION: Hospital del Mar it’s a Research Institute that forms a tertiary care

University facility. The department of Nephrology performs all renal replacement

therapeutically techniques, covering kidney transplantation for a population in

Barcelona of around 800.000 people. The transplant program includes living donation, all deceased donation types, ABO incompatible and desensitization programs, etc. Our current outpatient clinic controls around 600 transplanted patients. We performed renal ultrasound and kidney biopsies (around 150 per year). The staff comprises 12 nephrologists, 8 nephrology fellows in training, and several renal nurses and study coordinators. Our research activities are intense and perform randomized clinical trials from Phase I to III, and a number of other research basic, translational and clinical studies and projects.

They count on the following equipment, to make it available for the TRANSBIO project:

  • Transplant coordination Unit
  • Biobank (PBMC extraction, storage of frozen samples, patients consent management)
  • Cytometry service Unit, Characterization of lymphocytes subpopulations.
  • Surgical research, Transplant and health technologies Unit
  • Immunology and Genetics Unit (HLA phenotyping and anti-donor HLA Ab tritation)
  • Clinical Laboratory Analysis.